Balloonie Airderg VRchat and Resonite avatar!

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Become a Balloonie Airderg!

PC only VRchat avatar!

Resonite package included! (Currently in development, but still available.)

If you want to try this avatar, visit my VRchat world! :


  • Overinflatable!
  • Squish Bones on the belly!
  • Bendy Neck!
  • Color Customization!
  • Round!
  • Rated "Medium"!

Airderg 1.15 VRC changelog:

  • Fixed the bone physics changing not syncing if you have a lower framerate (added another physbone component to fix this as changing the settings wasn't reliable.)
  • Fixed material references being lost
  • Fixed wrong material mode being applied to avatar for the color customizable version (oops)

Balloonie Airderg terms of use:

  • You are allowed to use this model however you want, Edits are encouraged! Just don't use it for anything offensive.
  • No distribution of the model to people who haven't purchased it.
  • You're allowed to modify textures (texture commissions) and send the textures to people.
  • You can also use the model in ChilloutVR if you want, but it's not set up for it.
  • No uploading the model as "Public" in VRchat.

Known issues right now:

  • Not Quest Compatible
  • No PSDs yet. This is planned.
  • It could be a little more optimized, I may refactor one or two things in the future

Special thanks to the people who helped test!

I want this!

A Unity package for VRC, The FBX alone for VRC, A very simple water shader, A Resonite package and a substance painter file.

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Balloonie Airderg VRchat and Resonite avatar!

5 ratings
I want this!